Amidst a huge shadowy swamp,a nervous eye opened, then followed by million others.  A deafening silence then... BAMM!  One fleeting second, they are all gone, forced to leave.

Their bountiful home was once filled with lush biodiversity, the sky filled with endless foliage of treetops and songbirds, the waters swarming with blurs of rainbows as hundreds of fish swim by and the land on which mighty elephants roam and tigers prowl has been a gloomy place since man cast a shadow over them.

Broad daylight strikes and man keeps trudging on in the name of progress and survival, mindlessly destroying and weaving a dangerous path for all of them. Yet still they continue, knowing the consequence, but never caring.

The world on which once they lived on was never the same as mountains and mountains of trash cover the mighty land and encompass even the highest mountains giving no space for the panthers and zebras to lurk. The oceans that many moons ago were so blue was now reeking with oil and the skies that once carried us fresh air was now filled with the stench of pollution.

It already seems like the we are destroying our home to the point that it is beyond repair. Yet one simple action from you can make a difference.  Earth salvation can start with a single step.

Changing your light bulbs to “ecosavers” or maybe using renewable sources of energy, is one way to start since today, we are experiencing alarming brownouts. Also, a drop in your energy bill can not only save the beauty of our Earth from being scarred of it’s resources but will lessen also your expenses. Who would have guessed, saving the world saves us money too.

This kind of practical reasoning can lift our country from it’s crisis especially now that we are frequently hit by natural calamities like earthquakes and flood. And come to think of it, these instances could be of great benefit.

We can put this to our use. Places like Cagayan and Benguet  which are often hit by strong winds can be good places on where we can place windmills to generate energy.

The Philippines is known for it’s many geographical features and water forms. Waterfalls like that of Iligan and Bohol should be utilized of it’s hydropower and other falls found in our country. Surigao, being the surfing capital, can be a regular source of energy for it’s constant big waves.

Geothermal energy can also be extracted from Leyte and other places in Luzon. It is also very cheap compared to other renewable energy. Natural gas is also abundant in places like Palawan. You can also save by installing solar panels and place them over your roof or better yet, create your own windmill at a high place.

Furthermore, the lush forests of the Philippines and it’s diversity in flora and fauna exemplifies beauty like no other. Giving a home to plentiful species found here and only here.
Yet man has to keep moving and day by day we create waste. Trash that destroy these wonders that are proudly ours. Again, the solution, think practical.

We are Filipino’s, accredited as creative people, ideas always buzzing around. Why don’t we find ways to reuse, recycle and reduce our trash (3r’s)  ?

I know all of us has tried to recycle, creating “paper mache” or using “tsinelas” to create various kinds of toys. But what we have to do, is make it a habit. Spend a few hours every week to create your own piece of art. Relax, take a break and while you’re at it, make something valuable with your time. Little things like saving the world from it’s fate or spreading the word about it.

The sky is the limit, as they say, as long as we think practical. You can start the change. Think you, think of your family, the Philippine eagle ,Tarsiers, your country, your grandmother, your friends, your pet and all things tied with us in the critical state of the web of life. For we are just one strand. We have not woven this web. But just one small part of it.

An eye opened, mine’s, to the beauty of our world, appreciating it and saving it .Will others follow. More importantly, will you ?

*An eco-friendly article inspired by PSYSC, a science camping*


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