Have you ever done origami before ?

Well, if you haven’t … You definitely should. The urge to make a three- dimensional animal or flower from just a scrap of paper has raised the number of origami makers by millions. I admit, me myself is a victim of the amazing craft.

As soon as I touched the smooth texture of the paper, I knew I had to fold it. As soon as I traced the pattered creases I made on the paper, it immediately turned into a wonderful swan. By the second I finished another work of art, I just needed to make another one, more spectacular. By the time I mastered the ropes, every paper found in my hand, in whatever condition it may have been, was beaten to perfection.

Origami means “folding paper” but I warn you dear folks, it isn’t easy as just bending the paper back or forth. The models you see on the internet may seem easy and I viewed  it once the same way too. But that was before the seemingly simple heart fold came to me as just an orderly list of steps in which I attempted to understand.

You know what’s wrong with me ?

I can’t seem to finish anything I started but if I do it would take extreme measures and would result in scribbles and fast nothings. From projects to articles, the same rules apply. Pardon, adoring fans, I am not that perfect.

In fact, I have done those acts in my blog. Remember the famous and first sequel I wrote, Black Valentines, in which I promised that would be “thrilling and exciting”?
Black Valentine

Well, thrilling and exciting it is surely NOT. With an unfinished ending and seemingly gripping plot, it grabs the award of the “Most Biggest Fail in Journalism EVER” if there ever was that kind of thing.