Amidst a huge shadowy swamp,a nervous eye opened, then followed by million others.  A deafening silence then... BAMM!  One fleeting second, they are all gone, forced to leave.

Their bountiful home was once filled with lush biodiversity, the sky filled with endless foliage of treetops and songbirds, the waters swarming with blurs of rainbows as hundreds of fish swim by and the land on which mighty elephants roam and tigers prowl has been a gloomy place since man cast a shadow over them.

Broad daylight strikes and man keeps trudging on in the name of progress and survival, mindlessly destroying and weaving a dangerous path for all of them. Yet still they continue, knowing the consequence, but never caring.

The world on which once they lived on was never the same as mountains and mountains of trash cover the mighty land and encompass even the highest mountains giving no space for the panthers and zebras to lurk. The oceans that many moons ago were so blue was now reeking with oil and the skies that once carried us fresh air was now filled with the stench of pollution.

*I'm sorry I haven't written in a while now. School has eventually taken it's toll on me and it has not given me the time to brainstorm nowadays. But anyways, there is this essay writing contest that will be held at Iloilo, Philippines. And so, I need to prepare for the essay should be about Green Chemistry and I don't know anything particularly about it. Hmmmpphhh...

So, the selfish me decided to take advantage of this blog. How ? You may ask ? It's simple. I need a place where I can post my studies/discoveries online about the said topic. It has to be readable from my mobile phone so I can review while I'm there.

Then I thought, why not post it here and nag my boring life to my readers ? Accordingly, that's 
why I'm here blabbering, blabbering about days here on earth.

Hence, without further ado and gibberish, here's my long and very tedious research.*