"The moment the wheels of the huge airplane gave a deafening thud and the whole craft shook , I knew.

I knew that time never can go backwards. I also knew that I could not redo the past. That dreams and hopes will never bring me back to where I want to be or I should be.  That time and the whole entire world only goes in one direction, forward. There are no return trips or refunds so you got to enjoy the scene while it lasts.

And I all learned that all in a span of a second. Pretty fast, right ?

But what made me think of it all was not the sudden thud of the aircraft but a long, long story of the story of where it all began.


Well, well, well....

Did you guys enjoy the thrilling introduction to my sequel  ? Well, I hope you do,  there's more where that came from.

Anyway, just to give you a taste of what is yet to explode, let me tell you it is about our walk-in-the-rain, building-false-protests, the-flight-leaving-the-poor-family-alone-due-to-some-reason and more adventures.

What's the catch ? You unwaveringly continue to read while I give my best to tell. 

Deal ?