Have you ever heard someone having Dyslexia for numbers ? Well, if you haven’t, then you should now believe. I think I’ve been struck with this impairment.

          It’s no goolahoo or magic trick. I’ve been diagnosed, well, by myself and it’s serious. I can’t seem to stand numbers anymore. What was once to me easy peasy, seems to be a bunch of scribbles and lines that make nothing more than a piece of abstract and that makes me furious.

          It commenced that one gloomy Monday night. Our teacher in math had given another assignment and I was burning the candle. I could have solved all of them with ease as I usually do (I love Math.)

          So I kept working and working while the night got older.I then decided to check my answers and alas! One by one, to my disbelief, all of them were wrong!
I could not believe my eyes! I have done every step correctly yet there was the truth right in front of my eyes. I was incorrect.

          I decided to work answer all the fifty problems again and again, in spite of that, nothing improved. That began my journey of burning the midnight candle. My eyes were tired, my brain was exhausted and my hands were beaten. My mind went blank and when I looked back into the book, everything was blurred and the numbers inversed.

          Waking up to the new day, I never looked at numbers the same way again. Yes, they were not inversed anymore, but something woke inside of me. A dreadful hate for math and everything that has a relation to it.

          Every single day, when my sir gives an assignment, I would curse at the numbers. I would ask them why they even existed. I would scream and beat the signs out of them.

          But you know what, I love hating, loathing, disliking and being disgusted with math, I really do. Why? For each time I look into our math book, I just had the knack and anger of simplifying them into small little pieces.

          And you know what, my teacher would be proud and maybe, just maybe, do even the same thing.

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  1. hate math !!!

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