You know what’s wrong with me ?

I can’t seem to finish anything I started but if I do it would take extreme measures and would result in scribbles and fast nothings. From projects to articles, the same rules apply. Pardon, adoring fans, I am not that perfect.

In fact, I have done those acts in my blog. Remember the famous and first sequel I wrote, Black Valentines, in which I promised that would be “thrilling and exciting”?
Black Valentine

Well, thrilling and exciting it is surely NOT. With an unfinished ending and seemingly gripping plot, it grabs the award of the “Most Biggest Fail in Journalism EVER” if there ever was that kind of thing.

Another example is the recently written article, Introduction to the Family that Never Sleeps, about our trip to Hong Kong last summer. It should have had a Part Two but No siree ! My lack of determination to continue has broken again the promise to absolutely finish this piece of writing.

Again , I say sorry to you, my avid readers for failing you once again.

My failing does not only affect you but also the people around me in school. I fail to complete any extravagant project or idea I have constructed. The outcome ?
Me in Hong Kong

Me explaining to everyone why the allegedly miraculous plan had turned to another measly paper in my hand again. Yes, you read right, again, meaning repeatedly or recurrently. That means my fellow classmates are already used too this behavior and be warned, you should be too.

So this ends my brief and concise caution to all of you, I may be great but not great enough to deliver you my works of art every single day. And to those who have the same habits, which makes them a complete fool every day, please please HELP ME !


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