It’s near guys. I don’t know what to feel. Should I be excited? Should I be nervous? Or should I do nothing of the above and act that nothing important will happen and be the pretender I am?

  Hmmm.. I’m not quite sure with the last option but I’m still not convinced. What to do? What to do? Wait, I’m getting really ahead of myself. Let me tell you what this fuss is all about.

So, the announcing of the overall top 10 should be 2 days from now. Yeah, yeah, what do you care? Well, for starters, I’m that kind of person who dreams big and strives to hit the mark. As  far as people would say, I’m your ordinary apple shiner, brown noser, the darling, the favorite or whatcha call it ? The teacher’s pet.

Wai ! Your “shocked face” is on. Oh, here comes that annoying voice that reminds you of that old school memories.

“Do you remember that kid that just irks your nerves and tells the teacher EVERYTHING? Seems like every time the teacher wanted something they were always the one to do it? Not just that but every time the teacher left the class they either announced they were leaving or looked at their “A” student as in a way as if “let me know, who when…”

Okay, stop. I’ve had enough. Let’s continue with the story.

So , everyone in my family thinks I will be the first among all the honors. Talk about big hopes, right? Well, I’m not sure I can but I want to be.

This dream of mine has been my inspiration since I was a kid. To prove to myself and the people who doubted me before, seeing me as a waste of space. They laughed at me. I was always the one who was quiet and no one cared about. They always underestimated me, pushed me around, literally.

Now I have started a new life at Alabel National Science High School. This day was what I waited for 12 whole years. I want to show to them that I have changed, even if that means staying up in the wee hours of the morning to study. Conquering my social limitations and yeah, being the teacher’s pet.

But once again, I ask you. What does a undervalued girl to do when that day comes ? Should she be excited? Should she be nervous? Or should she do nothing of the above and act that nothing important will happen and be the pretender she is ?

I still don’t know. It seems like that you don’t know also. That's cool. That makes us both pitifully human.


  1. Que sera sera Hannah. U did your best and no matter what d results, wer so proud of you. U got 85% of my genes right Dbag?

  1. yeah hannah. :))

  1. i am proud of u hannah! i, myself want to make those people who underestimate and make me embarrassed in front of many people suffer. (exaggerated) your parents were so lucky to have you. No one of them should regret. God Bless You Hannah. U inspired me a lot!

  1. very nic hannaH :)

  1. very nice Anya
    as tita Lyn said, you inspired her and i guess you inspired me too..

    <3 likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

    _Atchie Van_

  1. nice one...cute cya..hahaha..
    google: how to write a happy article..hehehe..:)

  1. OMG..... thank you for all of u... u have supported me up to now .. thank u tlagah !

  1. Hannah,

    We both knew we were "rivals" for the throne 1ST HONOR.

    Congrats in advance, whatever we've done now, it's okay.

    Let's accept whatever comes this Monday or Tuesday...


  1. Haha,, congrats 1st honor..!!!

    See you in 2nd Year!!

  1. @Jan .. Advance congratulations to u too ! Thanks for being a good sport


  1. aabangan q ang "happy" article mo. ^_~

  1. it's unbelievable....

    it was a very good article..
    keep it up....

  1. so, you are a very trying hard student...
    claiming for that place...

    a teacher's pet, huh?

    well, all i can say is.....

    Don't forget to RELAX!!!
    it isn't a big competition....
    COOL DOWN....

  1. @mich .. thank you for your comment.. you can't imagine how you made my day. will keep trying :)

    @competitor .. hahaha..okay okay.. take a deep breath .. RELAX ! Really, i am relaxed, if i am not, how could i possibly write all this articles without fretting over it . Anyway, thanks for your comment :)

  1. congrats hannah :)) good thing you really came out of your shell. continue doing good,no, not good, continue doing GREAT and i know that we'll meet again in person. hoping it would be in a contest ^^

    ---Gel B :)